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Release Date: Jan. 7, 2009

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Today Macau Journal
"... You can use Photo Collage Studio to combine several photos into one picture. Because it is a photo collage software, you can use it not only to create collage, but also calendars, posters, persponal letterheads, greeting cards, etc. The software comes with many cliparts and photo frames, stamps ... which can save you lot of time" (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

PC Weekly Magazine, Vol. 492
"After trying the Photo Collage Studio, the author finds that its functions are very similar to that provided by those photo sticker machines commonly found in shopping malls. You can add personalized backgrounds, frames, stamp, captions, effects, etc to your photos and can even sketch your own graphics with the built-in magic editor to create elegant photo collages, letterheads, posters, calendars ... very interesting" (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

Hi-Tech Magazine, Vol. 479
"Professional Output even for computer idiots - With Photo Collage Studio, even computer idiots can create professional looking greeting cards, posters, calenders... To those end users who are not familiar with the Photoshop, CorelDraw, ?Photo Collage Studio" is really fantastic ... the author likes the frame function of Photo Collage Studio very much because traditional output is sometimes quite boring... or you can output your photos as a calendar and share with your friends ..." (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

E-Zone Magazine, Vol. 487
"Simple but effective - this software is targeting for. Operating Photo Collage Studio is very simple. Users can simply drag and drop the desired graphics or templates into the editing window. All professionally designed templates have reserved room for you to place your own photos. After inserting your own photo, you can easily customize its position, size, etc. to fine tuning the output without requirement intensive editing ... very convenient" (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

PC3 Magazine, Vol 256
"Photo Collage Studio is a software for creating greeting cards and photo collages. You can easily add various frames, masks and effects to your photos to create professional looking collages. It is bundled with lots of templates for creating greeting cards, designed for various occasions, such as Christmas, New Year Festival, Valentine Day, Birthday, etc. You can easily apply the templates to your photos and add captions, graphics .. to create your unique personalized greeting card" (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

PC Market Magazine, Vol. 751
"Photo Collage Studio is a very easy to use software that can create very good looking calendars, collages and greeting cards. Price is very affordable. It is bundled with lots of elegant templates with preset format for you to insert your own photos to create funny calendars, collages and greeting cards. Through the built-in printing and email mechanism, you can easily share your masterpieces with your friends ..." (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)



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