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Release Date: Jan. 7, 2009

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Photo Collage Studio

Q: Why I cannot activate my program?

Pay attention the following points when activate the program:

  • The E-mail Address field should be filled in the one provided by us in the Activation Email.
  • We recommended that you should copy and paste the "Email Address" and "Registration Code" from the Activation Email to the fields respectively.
  • Make sure that there are no blank space in front of or at the end of the Activation Codes.
Q: Where can I download more templates for Photo Collage Studio?

Please click here for more templates.

Q: How to configure the output for the photograph, etc. 2R/3R/4R specifications?

Please click the "Set" button to open the "Collage Setting" window, in the "Preset collage size" area, check the "Predefine" radio button and select the 2R/3R/4R specifications.

Q: How to backup the project?

When you want to backup a project, please follow the steps to backup the current project:

  1. Click the "File" from the top right corner, then click "Save Project", select the path and give a name for the project (e.g. myphoto), then save it.
  2. At the moment, there is a project, named "myphoto.pcs" and a "myphoto-PCSP" folder being created. The "myphoto-PCSP" folder saved all the action and picture in the project; whereas the "myphoto.pcs" is used to call all the objects from "myphoto-PCSP" folder, and placed back to the program of "Photo Collage Studio".
  3. Double-click the "myphoto.pcs" file to open the project.

Attention: If you want to backup, please copy the "myphoto.pcs" project file and the "myphoto- PCSP" folder together.

Q: Why I have got an error message saying that "Category Unknown" when I used the template from "Photo Collage Studio" in Window Vista?

It is because "Flash Player Active X" is needed to run the "Photo Collage Studio" program in Window Vista, please click the following link to install the "Flash Player Active X":

Q: How to activate the program?

You can activate your program by:



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