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Release Date: June 30, 2010

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E-Zone Magazine Vol. 503
"Retail price of USB thumb drive has a big cut recently. If you would like to best utilize the 4GB storage, you may want to consider NextOffice 9.2 USB Edition. The software comes with Email, dictionary, encrypted volume, backup, virus scanning, etc. and it is more than enough for average mobile users ..." (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

PC3 ( Magazine), Vol. 270
"Multi-functions office suite, NextOffice 9, achieves high compatibility - Many PC has already installed Office. But each copy costs around HKD2,000 and likely not all PC are with Office, particularly for those PC shared by public. Therefore, office suite in a USB drive can guarantee your important documents are always accessible to you". (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

The Sun (Newspaper) 6 April 2006
"Speaking of the functions, the software (Nextoffice USB Edition) not only includes text processing functions, it contains also an email application, you can use it to access your emails through others' computers without risking of your privacy. Secured data volume, backup utility and virus scanner together make your data in your USB drive more secure". (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

e-Zone (Magazine), Vol 398
"... NextOffice 9 USB Edition is such an application suite. Users can install it in their own USB Thumb Drive and directly plug and run the word processor, spreadsheet, presentation applications .... additional functions: data encrpytion, backup and virus scanning making it very versatile... Yourpersonal data, program and configuration settings are stored in the USB Thumb Drive ... allowing you to use your familiar programs in different PC while ensuring your document and data security". (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

PC Market (Magazine) Vol. 660
"The USB Edition includes Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation application; newly add functions include email, secured data volume management, backup and restore utility and virus scanning tool ... No matter where you are, with NextOffice USB Edition, you can always use your own email program to send email and no need to worry about leaking your sensitive information even if you lose the USB thumb drive" (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

PC Home (Taiwanese Magazine), Vol 118
"Did you think about putting software into your pocket? Impossible? What we introduce below is Pocket NextOffice which contains the office-suite in an USB. It thus allows you to carry it everyday. Though the office-suite is of mini size, yet its functions are complete, including modules similar to Word, Excel PowerPoint...etc. It can open and save in Microsoft documents as mentioned above. More important, its operations are almost same as those of MS Office and save user the effort of re-learning!" (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

East Touch, Vol 43
"... The Pocket NextOffice from Well Develop is quite special because it is not just an USB. It contains programs similar to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Draw. Even when you use a computer which does not have such programs, you can still open and save your documents. The Pocket NextOffice has 110 MB available space, enough for an user's day to day usage." (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

Hi-TECH, Vol 365
"Currently most Notebooks do not have Microsoft Office as bundled sales. Pocket NextOffice nicely fits into this user need. In view of its hot-swap User Interfaces of Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, it becomes obvious that Pocket NextOffice also wants the China marketplace... to frequent travelers, this product is handy. For just HK$270, one gets both an USB and the office-suite, so one really gets the best value for money." (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

PC Market, Vol 637
"Pocket NextOffice does not need to be installed. So it won't leave any trace on a computer, and it means you don't need to un-install the software. Pocket NextOffice is small in size and takes 130 MB space. Therefore it leaves you 110 available space for your documents in a 256MB USB." (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

e-Zone, Vol 373
"Office in your pocket - Not every computer have programs such as MS Office, even in schools or companies. Recently NextOffice puts its application into an USB Thumb Drive. User only plugs it into a computer, and can then use applications!mNextWriter!n!B!mNextCalc!n?I!mNextImpress!n. Although half of the space of a 256 MB USB has been taken, yet user still have 100MB available space for its daily document storage." (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

Oriental Daily
"Maybe some users finds it not difficult to install software. One needs only execute Install, then press Next, Next, Next. However, some unexpected obstacles can occur during installation, thus making installation unsuccessful. This problem will not happen for Pocket NextOffice because the application software is already stored in the USB. Simply one Click and an user can open documents no matter where she/she goes." (excerpted and translated from original Chinese article)

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