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Release Date: June 30, 2010

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NextOffice 9.3 USB Edition

Q : NextOffice USB Installation Problem.
  A :

NextOffice USB Edition Installation and Usage DemoˇG

Q : How to change the size of the secured zoneˇH
  A :

NextOffice Secured Zone resides on your USB drive as a file and is stored under for example E:\Program Files\TrueCrypt. If you would like to change the secured zone size, you need to first backup the existing zone data and then create another larger zone file with the same file name. Steps as follow:

  1. Insert your USB flash drive into your PC and open the drive representing your flash drive (e.g. E:)
  2. open the folder content E:\Program Files\TrueCrypt
  3. You will find a file named NextMail.tc, you can just backup this file as a normal data file.
  4. Upon backup completion, double click file TrueCryptFomat.exe to activate the secured zone formmatter
  5. Open "TrueCrypt Encrypted Volumen Wizard" and select "Create a New TrueCrypt Volume", click "Next"
  6. Click"Select File", and enter filename "NextMail.tc" (the newly created volume file must be NextMail.tc otherwise it will not be mounted automatically), press "Open" and "Next"
  7. The "Encryption Formulas" are preset as "AES" and "RIPEMD-160", press "Next"
  8. You can then select the size of the encrypted volume in "KD" or "MB" and enter the size for the volue (such as 500 MB) and then press "Next"
  9. In the set password dialog, setup your own password for mounting the secured volue, press "Next"
  10. Finally select "NTFS" format to format the secured volume and wait for the formatting completion.
Q : Can NextOffice USB Edition be installed on USB card readers?
  A :

Some card reader in market have USB ID and thereforce can host NextOffice USB Edition, such as E-Blue's Type M card reader, user can check here to download program to check if your card reader supports USB ID.

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