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Release Date: June 30, 2010

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NextOffice USB Edition designed for USB Flash Drive, open Office 2007 files. Only at HK$248

Secured Zone

NextOffice (USB Edition) comes with a pre-configured 100 MB "NextMail" Secured Data Volume. The Secured Data Volume is acting like a protected partition in your USB Flash Drive. It is a virtual NTFS file system created on top of a data file (\truecrpyt\nextmail.rc) in your USB Flash Drive. Data in the Secured Data Volume is normally hidden. In order to access this Secured Data Volume, you have to first mount the volume. Therefore, even if someone picks your drive, without your mounting password, they will still not able to access the files in the Secured Data Volume.

Using a larger Secured Data Volume
The programs of NextOffice occupy around 250 MB storage. NextOffice Mirror Image includes a 100MB pre-configured Secured Data Volume suitable for flash drive of 512 MB capacity. If you are using flash drive of higher capacity, such as 1G, you may want to configure a larger Secured Data Volume. In this case, you can copy the file "NextMail.tc" in the folder "300MB Secured Volume" in your NextOffice (USB Edition) Mirror Image CD to the directory "Program Files\TrueCrypt" in your USB Flash Drive to overwrite the default 100 MB Secured Data Volume. Before copying the file, make your your original 100 MB Secured Data Volume is new or you have backup your data in that Secured Data Volume.

File Extensions Associations

Mounting Secured Data Volume has special implication to NextOffice (USB Edition). NextOffice (USB Edition) in principal avoids writing information to the connecting PC's registry. However, for enhanced usability, the file extension association is setup automatically during the mounting of Secured Data Volume and is restored automatically during the dismounting of the Secured Data Volume. Here are the rules to apply:

On Mounting Secured Data Volume:

  • If MS Word is not found and NextOffice is not found in the connecting PC, set ".doc", ".dot" file extensions to be associated with NextWriter.
  • If MS Excel is not found and NextOffice is not found in the connecting PC, set ".xls", ".xlt" file extensions to be associated with NextCalc.
  • If MS Impress is not found and NextOffice is not found in the connecting PC, set ".ppt", ".pot" file extensions to be associated with NextImpress.
  • If NextOffice is not found in the connecting PC, set ".sxw", ".sxc", ".sxi, ".sxg" and all OpenDocument file extension to be associated with NextOffice applications.

On Dismount Secured Data Volume:

  • Cancel any registry change done in mounting

Switching Among different User Interface Language

Switch User Interface

NextOffice (USB Edition) is designed for highly mobile users. It provides them a convenience of not carrying along with their notebooks but still able to bring along documents and emails so that in case of necessary, they can simply plug in their USB flash drive pre-installed with NextOffice (USB Edition) to do their works.

In some situations, these mobile users may be borrowing someone¡¦s PC running a different Windows language version. Since NextOffice (USB Edition) is conforming Unicode standard, you can always switch the user interface language among English, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified. Simply double click on the NextSettings icon in the "Tool Panel" in your AppLauncher to bring up the NextSetting program

NextOffice is a derivative of OpenOffice.org. All Contributions from OpenOffice.org community are honored.

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