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Release Date: June 30, 2010

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NextOffice USB Edition designed for USB Flash Drive, open Office 2007 files - Supports Windows 7

NextOffice USB Edition is specially designed for USB Flash drive and so only runs on USB Flash drive. After installed the NextOffice into the drive, you can then carry, with plug-and-play capability, your documents and email anywhere, without the need of relying whether any office-suite is in the Notebook or PC.

NextOffice USB Edition has Chinese Tradition, Chinese Simplified, and English versions all in one. It also has integrated Chinese/English and English/Chinese dictionaries, virus scanner, backup utility and secured data storage - all these easy-to-use functions provide you a safe and complete solution for an USB Flash drive.

You can open and save Microsoft documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint; plus the capability of exporting any of these documents as PDF format.

NextOffice USB Edition does not include USB Flash Drive


  1. NextOffice USB Edition must be installed into USB Flash drive and registered through Internet in our website.
  2. Once registered, the user enjoys 90-day hotline support and patch updates.
  3. This product only runs smoothly on the certified brands and models as stated in our website. Please check here
  4. If you lose your USB flash drive with NextOffice USB Edition installed, please Contact US to arrange the transferring of your license to another USB flash drive in case of necessity.


  • Specially designed for USB Flash drive
  • Plug-and-Play to any PC or Notebook
  • Can open and save Office documents
  • Export as PDF document
  • Chinese Tradition, Chinese Simplified, and English versions all in one
  • Integrated Chinese/English and English/Chinese dictionaries
  • Complete Email functions
  • Anti-virus scanning program
  • Secured data storage with password protection
  • Backup utility for fast-and-easy copying documents to/from USB Flash drive
  • 90-day hotline support and patch updates after registration



NextOffice is a derivative of OpenOffice.org. All Contributions from OpenOffice.org community are honored.

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