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PC Market (Magazine) Vol.687
"NextOffice 9.1 first releases version supporting Vista - Compatibility to MS Office is usually a prior consideration for end users. New version has many improvement in compatibility..."

E-Zone (Magazine) Vol.423
Free upgrade to version 9.1 is provided to NextOffice 9.0 Professional users. This shows the company is quite considerate to her existing users. The company is keeping up with Vista while still retaining its support to old version OS such as Win98. That is particular important to SME who many are still operating their PC in old platforms.

PC3 (Magazine) Vol.292
The "output to PDF" function of NextOffice is quite special and useful to commerical users. In addition, it provides value added service .... such as 90 days free hotline support and email support.

CAPITAL ( Magazine), Vol. 227
"NextOffice has cumulated 200,000 copies sold within 3 years - an amazing achievement. ... Many large corporation are now using NextOffice, including many prominent toys manufacturers with production plants in PRC, such as Blue Box Holdings, Herald Metal, Tin's Toys, Red Box Toy, Wynnewood... One of famous fashion brand Veeko has also chosen to use NextOffice volume license for their China and Hong Kong office".

Hi-Tech ( Magazine), Vol 390
"Conclusion: the author has tested NextOffice by trying different included applications and has very good experience. This proves NextOffice is highly compatible with Office. As NextOffice is being priced much lower than the main stream MS Office, it is really a good alternative to personal users and SME users".

e-Zone (Magazine), Vol 398
"A office suite applications normally include text processor, spreadsheet and presentation application. Sometimes it is not easy to justify if the investment is thousands of dollars. <NextOffice 9 Professional Edition> not only include normal office suite function, it has functions like Chinese Traditional/Simplified conversion, CJK user interface toggling, multi-lingual dictionary ... no matter you are a personal user or SME user, NextOffice is surely a good choice".

Hong Kong Economic Times
"... Do you want to use your money to the best? NextOffice 9 is quite a good choice... after some years, NextOffice has gained a certain marketshare of office-suite users. Many SME companies, in both Hong Kong and The Mainland, have adopted NextOffice after evaluating NextOffice. These companies includes industries in Toy, Garment Manufacturers, Hardware Manufacturers, Equipment Manufacturers, Trading and Tourism... over 2,000 such companies."

Oriental Daily
"Since the launch of NextOffice in 2003, users of NextOffice has reached over 100,000, becoming a formidable contender to Microsoft. The newly released 9.0 Edition comes with many added features and more powerful, with over 90% compatibility to MS Office. Together with its cost-effective price, NextOffice 9.0 is the best choice among all office-suites."

PC Market,Vol 616
"For those who are familiar with software and free-ware, their remarks on NextOffice tend to be that NextOffice just put together some open source applications. From our assessment, these are not fair comments to NextOffice. For those who have used NextOffice, they tend to agree that these applications are integrated together after careful thoughts and considerations. An office looks for productivity. Good integration facilitates better operations, thus increasing productivity. In view of the price of NextOffice, its functions and its stability, NextOffice 9.0 is certainly worthy to be recommended to readers." NextOffice was awarded "IT Award 2005 PC Market Editor's Choice" from PC Market

e-Zone,Vol 352
"Microsoft is a household name in IT industry. Though its leadership in office suite is as yet ir-replaceable, Microsoft sets the price of MS Office quite high, thus causing difficulties to SME companies. In fact, many SME just need to do basic functions as far as office clerical work is concerned and the cost-effective NextOffice is very enough. The new edition NextOffice 9.0 has more added practical features." NextOffice 9 was awarded 5 points (5 points being full mark from e-Zone)

Hi-TECH,Vol 343
"NextOffice 9.0 has enhanced functions such as Barcode Generation, Screen Motion Capturing functions . It is much more compatible to MS Office, with better conversion between Chinese Traditional and Simplified, NextMail email capability, support digital signatures to enhance document security... Other functions such as Next PDF Writer, 20 types of Chinese fonts..."

PC Weekly, Vol 355
"NextOffice 9.0 has no issue at all in opening and in editing most people's documents originally created from MS Office... Its user interface looks almost the same as Office XP... its Barcode Generator is very powerful... its NextMail email has Chinese Traditional and Simplified conversion providing quick and easy translations for users... the 20 fonts in NextOffice consists of PuTongHua Pinyin, saving user the money and the trouble of installing another software on top of MS Word..." NextOffice was awarded both 8.5 points from a 10 point basis, and the 'PC weekly Recommend' Award".

Oriental Daily
"*NextOffice 8.3 comes with even more practical functions* - when looking for a cost-effective office suite, try NextOffice. Other than Dictionary and Text-to-Speech, NextOffice 8.3 has 3 added functions, namely Barcode Generator which supports EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A and UPC-C for companys' inventory management and asset management; Screen Motion Capturing Tool takes in every screen changes, supports Intel IndeoR Codec etc. and then records movements into video file; Voice Editing Tool has complete features such as adjusting volume, editing , Fade in, Fade Out, file format conversions for WAV, MP3, OGG etc. With so many functions in NextOffice, it saves you money for buying several software - worth for you to consider."

e-Zone, Vol 322
Introduce NextOffice with Barcode Add-in 2.0 which acts in concert with ERP systems in inventory management and retail systems. The Add-in can be downloaded from http://www.nextoffice.net/eng/download6.php

PC Weekly, Vol 321
Apart from MS Office, NextOffice ranks the top among all office suites based on Open Source. An office suite, which offers the best value-for-money, which possesses quality and down-to-earth functions, which is highly compatible to MS Office, which is stable with good support services, is a necessity for any SME company. Well develop, though being just established in a few years, firmly believes that its own product NextOffice gives the best in terms of office-suite to SMEs. The fact is that sales and market acceptance of NextOffice are growing, providing the best office-suite in price performance to the Greater China marketplace.

PC market,Vol 565
"The ultimate beneficiary of any advance and improvements of software is the end-user. The newly released NextOffice 8.3 has 3 added features: Barcode Generating, Screen Capture and Voice Editing. These 3 features are specially suitable for SME companies as they are easy to use, thus making office work more efficient."

e-Zone Vol 301
"The features in NextOffice are really so many that they cannot be fully stated here. Moreover the practicality of each feature module is very high. For choosing office suite in daily operation, NextOffice is the best choice.... In summary, NextOffice truly give users the best-value-for-money..."

e-Zone Vol 300
Awarded the Top 1 Best seller in OS & Office Tools
"A normal office worker usually uses word processing, spreadsheet, presentation of office suite application. To spend several thousand dollars (HK$) for an office-suite is dearly no matter how one looks at it. Next office Professional Edition not only has all the above mentioned features, but also 18 sets of Chinese Fonts, plus many other added features; and in Version 8.3, Barcode Generating, Screen Capture and Voice Editing are added in. In NextOffice PLUS Edition, "Mastering NextOffice, Next IntelliForm are included on top of all the functions in NextOffice Professional Edition.

PC Weekly, Vol 297
Awarded "PC Weekly Recommend" Product from PC Weekly Issue 304
"NextOffice obviously follow the behavior inertia of users to implement the XP look-and-feel interface. Other features are: Barcode Generating, Screen Capture and Voice Editing, unique Batch Conversion of documents to PDF. So, compared to the traditional Office suite, NextOffice has much more functions. To quote more, Formula Editor, Text-to-Speech, Voice Dictionaries are all very useful to SME companies as well as schools."

Hi-Tech, Vol 291
"Quick, easy and accurate in making Barcode - For production and logistics personnel, NextOffice is easy and simple for generating Barcode on labels via printer, if the labels are not in mass... Next Studio is another feature in NextOffice that is easy to use for capturing screens. For Voice Editing, it has so many functions that looks a bit not so easy-to-use relative to the functions just mentioned."

e-Zone Vol 300
Awarded the Top 1 Best seller in OS & Office Tools
"A normal office worker usually uses word processing, spreadsheet, presentation of office suite application. To spend several thousand dollars (HK$) for an office-suite is dearly no matter how one looks at it. Next office Professional Edition not only has all the above mentioned features, but also 18 sets of Chinese Fonts, plus many other added features; and in Version 8.3, Barcode Generating, Screen Capture and Voice Editing are added in. In NextOffice PLUS Edition, "Mastering NextOffice, Next IntelliForm are included on top of all the functions in NextOffice Professional Edition.

e-Zone, Vol 290
Technical writer of e-Zone demonstrates the powerful capabilities of Next Draw with concrete examples. Her conclusion is: the functions of Next Draw are so powerful that users of Next Draw will only be limited by their imagination ...

Oriental Daily News (Newspaper)
"When talking about word processing, people will think of Microsoft Office. In fact there are quite a few alternatives with close consideration to users of some sectors, maybe even better than Microsoft in meeting their needs. One of these alternative is NextOffice."

The Sun (Newspaper)
"Quite a number of users like to find software that are not yet the main stream which are much cheaper in price and yet functionalities are about the same as the main stream. Word processing software is such an example. Though based on OpenOffice, NextOffice 8, the latest version, has functionalizes more or less same as Microsoft Office but at an affordable price. NextOffice 8 surely suits both SME and home users."

e-Zone, Vol 276
"NextOffice 8, the office-suite welcomed by the education sector, now makes itself suitable for SOHO and SME as the alternative to MS Office by adding 'Mastering NextOffice', 'IntelliForm' and 'Server Version'. When worked with Formulae, IntelliForm assists users in efficiently managing their A/R and A/P . So NextOffice has done quite a lot for the SME users."

>Hi-Tech, Vol 267
NextOffice 8+ not only has user-interface similar to the xp look-and-feel of MS Office, but also includes 'Mastering NextOffice' which is a four-and-a-half hour self learning course with FLASH and voice explanation. This makes users quickly familiar with the operation of NextOffice. Besides, it also includes value-added functions for SME such as the 'Mail-merge mass-fax'. When used under Windows xp platform, 'Mail-merge mass-fax' saves users the need to buy extra applications of fax agents such as WinFax or FaxMaker... For SME day-to-day usage , NextOffice 8+ has broader functionalities. If you want to not use MS Office, StarSuite is a good choice for personal use; but for SME, NextOffice 8+ gives users the benefits of both low price and high effectiveness in features/functionalities."

East Touch, Vol 443
"NextOffice Plus is an office suite for the SME companies, comprising of NextOffice 8. Other than compatible to MS Office in opening documents and saving documents in Microsoft formats, NextOffice Plus has added in many functionalities for users in the Greater China region; examples of functionalities are ... and Next IntelliForm, which is an easy and accurate tool for SME to do its day-to-day order processing such as issuing Invoice and Delivery Note, together with proper records and reports of its A/R and A/P.

e-Campus Vol 63
"If teachers want to present certificates to students, for instance, to award certificate to students for successfully completing certain ex-curriculum activity, or for winning certain competition, then using NextOffice for producing certificates is easy, especially with the mail-merge feature to personalize each certificate."

e-Zone Vol 269
" ... NextOffice Christian Pack comes with a digital verison of"Easy-Page. The content of "Easy-Page"include Chinese and English Bible, genealogy,the histories of the new and old testament in table form, historical maps, tracks of Jesus and Paul. Besides, there are over forty church letter templates and thirty church presentation templates specailly designed for religion education for download and use in newly launched NextOffice 8."

East Touch 433
The newly released NextOffice 8.2 is originated from the latest OpenOffice. It includes Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation and Vector Drawing and all these applications are compatible to MS Office. It also provides modules like HTML Editor, Math Formula Editor, PDF Writer. But NextOffice is very cost effective, and so it is the best choice for personal use or SME use.

PC Market 528
Under Windows platforms, NextOffice has proven to be more stable than OpenOffice. It includes Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation and Vector Drawing and all these applications are compatible to MS Office, i.e., it can open and save in MS Office formats such as .doc, .xls, .ppt... etc.

The Sun ( Newspaper )
As to office-suite, naturally one tends to recall the giant corporate, but its drawback is its expensive price, almost same as your PC hardware. From users point of view, the features and functionalities of NextOffice 8.2 are close to this office-suite from the giant corporate, maybe even more suitable to you, and it is a lot less expensive.

PC POWER Weekly Vol 017
Functions that Open Office, KaiOffice or Star Suite have, NextOffice also has; but what NextOffice has, others may not have. NextOffice has a lot more functions than the 3 others including: online collaboration, Chinese punctuation input, mail-merge E-mail/fax. In additional, it is bundled with 18 Chinese TrueType fonts which you will not find in MS Office. Also, NextOffice has spent some effort to improve the user interface to make it more elegrant.

Hi-Tech Weekly Vol 253
NextOffice 8.2 has injected new functions around Text-To-Speech, web marketing and office automation making version 8.2 more suitable for SME.

Computer Today Vol 158
The new version "NextOffice 8.2" will be launched in August. Its functions are richer and more powerful than MS Office xp... "NextOffice" has been widely accepted by end-users so far. Currently Next Software has further improved the stability and compatibility of its office-suite in this new version "NextOffice 8.2 Professional Edition", making it even more versatile.

Hi-Tech Weekly (Computer Magazine) Vol 249
You sometimes may need to exchange documents with your colleagues or counter-parts in The PRC. You may be relying on MS Office to convert the content between Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified. Now with the "Chinese Conversion" function built-in the NextOffice 8.1, you can even convert the content in spreadsheet, presentation, drawing.... not just in word documents. In additional, NextOffice comes with Text-to-Speech capability that works in all modules such as word processing, spreadsheet, presentation...¡C

e-Zone Magazine Vol 249
"As a student or an executive, you will find the Voice Dictionaries most practical and useful. Such a similar dictionary in the market usually costs you several hundred dollars in retail price. So as far as value-for-money is concerned, 'NextOffice 8' is really very attractive". Testing conducted by e-Zone have concluded that 'NextOffice 8' is most compatible with MS Office among all office-suite applications.

e-Campus Issue 58 Vol 58
"... User-interface of 'NextOffice' gives users xp look and feel; multilingual voice enabled dictionaries; text-to-speech in modules of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation; and vector drawing functions; enhanced drawing templates..."

PC3 Magazine, Vol 111
"With NextOffice, not only you can save your document in MS Office formats, you will also be benefited by its powerful Chinese computing power while lowering your cost. When used with MySQL database, data processing becomes very efficient. It is a good cost saving choice of offices."

Computer Today Magazine, Vol 153
"NextOffice mainly include 4 core applications: Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation and Vector Drawing. These functions can satisfied the needs of most SME."

e-Zone Magazine, Vol 237
"Compare with the under-development¡mMS Office 11¡n, ¡mNextOffice 8¡nhas already adopted the XML format. Users can leverage the XML format to easily integrate with XML databases."

e-Zone Magazine, Vol 233
"NextOffice 8 is the first to support XML format in office suite application."

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