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NextOffice Client Lists

Toys Industry

Wynnewood Corporation Ltd.
Blue Box Holdings Ltd.
Herald Metal Industrial Holdings Ltd.
Red Box Toy Fty. Ltd.
Tins' Metal Manufactory Ltd.
Party Products Mfg. Ltd.
RBI Holdings Limited

Paper & Printing Industry

Winner Printing & Packaging Ltd.
C & J Specialty Papers (HK) Co. Ltd,
Treasure Packaging & Printing Ltd.
In Style Publication Limited

Services Industry

Ng, Tam Ko & Chan, Solicitors
Ted Chan & Associates Limited
Marco Mac Wealth Management Ltd
Modern Living Property Mgmt. Ltd.
Hong Kong Tourist (Duty Free) Shopping Mall
Landmark Asia Realty
Atlas International Enterprise Co., Ltd.
S.T Wong & Partner Limited

Manufacturing Industry

Elitek Corportation Ltd. (精士電子有限公司)
Wanda Feather & Down Products Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Splendid Footwear Co. Ltd.
Yin Shing Industrial Ltd.
Golden WinMark manufactory Ltd
Alltronics Technology Mfg. Ltd.
Speedflex Asia Ltd.
Glorylane Electronics Ltd.
Hang Yip Hardware Co. Ltd.
Jackwell Limited

Shipping & Logistics

Golden Fame Shipping Ltd.
Global United Logistic (HK) Ltd

Travel & Entertainment

Dragon Force Travel Ltd.
C & W Travel Co. Ltd.
Da Da Travel Service (H.K.) Ltd.
Giant Luck International Travel Ltd.

IT Company
Gateway Technology Development Company Ltd
Molecular Biology Ltd.
Intelligent Concepts
Web Alarm

Finance and Investment

Value Partners Ltd.
Tai Fook Securities

Trading Company

Veeko Trading Fashion Co., Ltd.
Swedish Trading International Holdings Ltd.
Topco Garment Trading Ltd.
Grand Opening Trading Co. Ltd.
Soost Limited
Pacific Dunlop Garments Ltd.
Merry Asia Shoes Co., Ltd.
Hing Lee Furniture Wholesales Ltd.
DCH Electrical Appliances Service Centre


Faith Chinese Alliance Church
Hong Kong Harbour Mission Church
ShanFook Church


Eono Limited
Mind Concept International Co Ltd
Chong Lap (H.K.) Co. Ltd.,
Peace Runner Global Ltd.
Cheung Shing Yuk Tong Co. Ltd.
Ing Hwa Film Co. Ltd.
Cyber Concept Lighting (HK) Ltd.
Eternal Tone
Teamwork Comic Station
Vision East Investments Ltd.
Wewe Development & Associates Ltd.
China International Investment Corporation Ltd.

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