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ClickN READ Phonics Reports

"Laekham is going very well on his ClickN READ Phonics program. We've noticed a marked improvement with his reading and comprehension. His confidence obviously has also improved. We couldn't be happier." Martin & Kat Childs, Parents, Australia

Industry Best Progress Reports
Every single click that the child enters while completing all 100 lessons are saved on our computer systems. Combined with the extensive instruction in the program and the fact that answers are never "given away", our progress reports show you a level of precision not found in any other phonics reading program!

Cumulative Results Report (Shown)
All instructional activities that appear throughout all lessons are shown along with the total number of times that element was presented.

The percentage your child responded correctly on the first attempt is shown. The average percentage for All Users that have ever used ClickN READ Phonics is also shown.

Simply compare your child's scores to the All Users score to know exactly where your child needs additional help. The Lesson Number column shows you exactly which lesson(s) to repeat for low scoring phonics letter sounds.

For School Accounts, an additional column shows the average percentages for all students in the teacher's class. Teachers quickly identify specific phonics skills that the class as a whole is struggling with.

Individual Lesson Report (Not Shown)
At the end of each lesson, the individual lesson report is displayed showing exactly how the child performed on that lesson. These reports are also saved in your member area and a copy is saved for all repeated lessons as well!

The red arrows on the report indicate the following information about this child's reading skills:

1) Letter Sounds - This child is struggling with the C, TH and V letter sounds.

2) Spelling Sight Words - This is the exercise where the sight words must be spelled on the keyboard. With a 98% score on the Sight Words exercise (screen selection) it is clear that the child knows the sight words. This child is having difficulty with the keyboard.

School Account License Usage Report

Notes: This report is only available for School Account.

This report is a very valuable tool for schools using the program allowing schools to see exactly where licenses are being used.

For School Administrators, the program usage by all teachers and all students is shown. This allows the school program administrator to access data for reporting requirements, to allocate student licenses more effectively where they are needed and to see exactly where help may be needed to increase usage.

For Teachers, all students enrolled in that teachers class are shown. This allows the teacher to see which children need to receive more time on the program as well as plan next activities for the students that are moving ahead of the class with an earlier program completion date.

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